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Our Professional’s Vision of Integrative Psychology, Psychiatry & Wellness


  • Focuses on health and healing – treating the whole individual

  • Offers an individualized, client-centered approach, emphasizing partnership and collaboration between practitioner and client

  • Emphasizes a balance between preventive care and skillful treatment of acute and chronic conditions

  • Educates and empowers the client to play an active role in his or her own health and wellbeing, supporting and encouraging a balanced and sustainable lifestyle

  • Addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect health

  • Draws from diverse and complementary traditions and approaches to health and wellness – from the latest scientifically and empirically supported treatments to the wisdom of centuries-old healing traditions

  • Privileges the natural movement toward wholeness in our mind, body and spirit

Our Vision

Latest Clinic News:


We want to welcome our new acupuncturist Tai Stone to our Maui clinic!


May 16, 2015






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