Portia R. Goyette, LMFT, DCC

Each one of us is in a constant state of evolution. As we live out our personal stories,
we will inevitably experience phases of contentment and joy, turmoil and darkness,
and all that exists in between. Nurturing our spirit and emotional wellbeing allows us
to expand our capacity for self-reflection, self-awareness, and meaning-making,
thereby paving the way for living a more authentic and fulfilling life. I meet with
individuals, couples, and families to help them experience healing and
wellness through increased understanding and developing important tools that will
allow them to feel the most centered, connected, and alive.

The decision to enter therapy takes a great deal of courage and vulnerability, and also
indicates that you have arrived to a place of recognizing that you do not have to be
alone. Particularly during periods of great struggle, we can feel isolated and
directionless in our experience and not where to turn or what to do. We are relational
beings who are inherently designed to share our experiences—from celebration and
sorrow—in connection with others. As a human, I understand suffering. As a therapist,
my intention is to honor every part of your humanness and walk alongside you in a
manner that helps illuminate your inner resources so that you experience an
enhanced sense of empowerment, skillfulness, and joyful living.

My therapeutic orientation is best described as an emotion-focused composition of
Gestalt Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, and Contextual Family Therapy inspired by
principles rooted in Buddhist Psychology. Together, these perspectives provide a
beautiful blueprint for weaving together past and present and creating a new lens for
integrating new ways of thinking and experiencing. My philosophy and approach
focuses on helping individuals deepen their awareness of the ways in which they
experience and interact with themselves, others, and the world around them in order
to achieve increased personal and relational fulfillment. My personal style of therapy
is collaborative and strengths-centered, and involves the use of humor, creativity, and
unconditional acceptance of the whole person. Additionally, I view the client and
myself as “fellow travelers,” and place great emphasis on the interpersonal process
that takes place as we explore and discover new paths together. Maintaining
authenticity and curious mind are values that I continuously strive to cultivate and
exhibit within all areas of my life, and my hope is that these qualities are seen and
felt in clients’ experiences of me and the therapy process.