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Dr. Cheri Ewing, PhD 

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist, living and practicing on Maui since 1987. Over the past 12 years I also have a part time practice in Pasadena California. Amazing, how time flies. After a brief time with the Maui Community Mental Health Center, I opened a private practice in Wailuku in 87, and have enjoyed the privilige of assisting a variety of fascinating individuals navigating the complex challenge of creating a life in paradise, many miles from their original homes and families.


I love my work, and consider it an honor to be included in the private sanctity and critical life changing choices which we all make at some point in our lives. I am so fortunate to be trusted by some of the most resilient and honorable people I could ever have imagined.

I am always learning from my cllients, and am very grateful for these relationships.


My formal training is in Existential and Psychodynamic Theories, and in real life after all of these years, my approach is individually oriented to the unique situation and personality presenting.


My individual challenge currently is continually striking a balance between my amazing work and career, : marriage, family,friends,kitty, travel, self-care, and exercise. Its a wonderful job: I am so lucky!!!


I love: swimming, hiking, sailing, scuba diving, bicycling, traveling, exploring, (and shopping).


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