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 Andrea VanPatten, LMFT

“The only thing that is constant is change”-Heraclitus, has been a favorite quote of mine for years but not until making the transition into parenthood could I fully appreciate this statement! Relationships shift, priorities are re-assigned and life is a whole new adventure! I’ve found being able to pause and take a moment to breath to be a necessity. This is just one of the tools I like to share with clients.


Counseling offers you a safe and comfortable space to openly discuss changes, difficult subjects and feelings. I believe in supporting my clients to create new ways of interacting with themselves and others, learning to be present in their lives and gain perspective on challenges. You will find my style to be warm and compassionate as well as directive.


Many of my clients are individuals and families, who are struggling with overwhelming sadness, anxiety, depression, stress, family changes, loss and traumatic experiences. I focus on supporting your best self to take hold and bring back ease, joy and laughter into your life.


I enjoy working with couples at any and all stages of relationship. Whether you are just beginning or fear that you may be ending, counseling can create awareness and peace to ease fears that accompany these difficult waters. Strengthening relationships, learning to effectively manage stress and conflict, and sharing a deeper connection are results couples have experienced through our work together.


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